Meet the Experts you’ll be working with.

Leaders in Data, Technology, Public Health, and Law

Susan G Joseph Healthtrends.AI CEO

Susan Joseph

CEO, GC, and Co-Founder.

Innovation/technology attorney, blockchain consultant/global expert, strategic leader, C Level Executive and former General Counsel for enterprise, fintech, and blockchain startups (i.e. MMBI – supply chain, ID2020-identity)

George Pullen

George Pullen

COO & CFO, Lead Data Scientist and Co-Founder..

Blockchain initiatives expert. Previously ran teams of data scientists, programmers, and statisticians focused on data sourcing and big data analytics using ML and advanced technical expertise.

Tim Kubiak

Tim Kubiak

Chief Revenue Officer. Commercialization expert.

Led high growth business strategy and implementation for startups, enterprises, and acquisitions. Strategic leader in go-to market, distribution, technology infrastructure, data, and products.

Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown

CXO. Full-stack web and data process developer.

Co-founded and architected digital non-repudiation system, and has built innovative algorithmic tools and associated data pipelines. Expert in database systems and distributed infrastructure platforms.

Mike Autry

Software developer with experience in data process and test automation system design, development, and maintenance.


Dr. Bruce Reidenberg

In addition to functioning in Fortune 500 multinational pharmaceutical companies , served as Medical Officer at US National Institutes of Health on BioDefense projects, PhRMA representative and signatory to ICH: M3 Guideline on Timing of Non-clinical Safety Studies for the Conduct of Human Clinical Trials, and Pediatrician for the WHO Essential Medicines for Children Consultation Team for the Peoples Republic of China.

Dalton Price

Dalton Price

PhD student at the University of Oxford

Humanitarian and Public Health. Worked with the Florida Dept of Health on Covid. Forbes 30 Under 30.

Our Advisors

Rob Krugman

(Acting CDO) – CDO, Broadridge. For more than 25 years, Rob has been focused on creating new companies, innovating new solutions and defining business models that enable organizations to get the most out of emerging digital technologies.

Samson Williams

As a globally recognized expert on technology and crisis communications, Samson strives to develop compelling content and deliver a message through distinct, actionable, and measurable campaigns.

Gerard Rescigno

Gerard Rescigno

Data model and scalable commercial tools expert.

Formerly EVP/CTO for Transamerica. Extensive experience presenting to customers, boards, PE and VC’s.

Joseph DeLong

Blockchain research engineer, core developer.

Architecture, and deployment. Built tool to allow statistic recordings to be checkpointed using a smart contract.