May 21, 2021

Building a Data Driven Organization Through a Pandemic - insights from HeathTrends.AI
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HealthTrends.AI CEO and Co Founder Susan Joseph was featured on the Irish Tech News podcast. Listen on your favorite podcast service or by clicking the link below.

Dec 16, 2020 by Tim K.

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HealthTrends.AI CEO and Co Founder Susan Joseph was the featured guest on Episode 142 of the Insureblocks podcast hosted by Walid Al Saqqaf

On your favorite podcast service or by clicking the button below.

Dec 16, 2020 by Tim K.

HealthTrends.AI Launching a Chainlink Node to Provide Signed COVID-19 Data On the Blockchain
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HealthTrends.AI, a trustworthy source for health care data and analytics, is excited to announce that we will be bringing state-certified COVID-19 data onto a variety of blockchains through the Chainlink Network. By launching our own official Chainlink oracle node, we can broadcast state certified, authoritative COVID-19 data from our Coronavirus API on to many of the leading blockchain platforms like Ethereum, empowering a wide range of new smart contract applications to emerge such as Life, P&C, and Health insurance, automatic rebalancing of supply chains, asset management and financial risk tools, and more.

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